An agent of erosion

since 1984

17 April 1984
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At uugelon, you can learn about what made my life worth living every day for about four months.

A short listing of dates:
1984-1990: had to be read to.
1992: first glasses.
2000: the beginning of the current life philosophy of joy.
2002: highschool graduation
2002-2003: Iceland. Sheep.
2003-2006: College. CS degree, love of math.
2006: College graduation. Marriage. Girlpants.
2007: Job at Vivisimo.
presently: Almost definitely a good mood.

Salient facts:

1. I am a girl.
2. I love the tiniest insides of computers and the various sorts of infinity.
3. I dislike coffee and am a programmer, professionally.
4. Japanese, Icelandic, C++, XSL, Pig Latin, flute, set theory, guitar and friend are languages I speak.
5. Tea and star stories are my favourite fields of non-academic study.
6. I can help lambs be born and I can knit.
7. Dressing up and dancing are the activities in which I most often engage.
8. I excel.

Here is a cast of characters for this journal.